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how to choose a protective coating

Often, among huge variety of paint materials, it is quite hard to choose the complex coating that will meet all requirements and ensure necessary protection of structures against corrosion. 

The specialists of Engineering Support Department can offer you a professional service to choose coating systems:
+ 7 343 357-30-97, 8-800-500-54-00, On-line request.


  1. Type of protected surface:

  2. Surface preparation:

  3. Environmental corrosivity category:

    ISO 12944
    • Atmosphere:
      • C1 – very low;
      • C2 – low;
      • C3 – moderate;
      • C4 – high;
      • C5-I – very high (industrial);
      • C5-M – very high (sea).
    • Water and soil:
      • Im1 – fresh water;
      • Im2 – salt water;
      • Im3 – soil.
    SNIP 2.03.11-85
    • non-aggressive;
    • slightly aggressive;
    • moderately aggressive;
    • highly aggressive;

    The VMP specialists developed coating systems based on the output products for environments with various corrosion activity.

  4. Required coating operating period:

    • Short – from 2 to 5 years;
    • Average – from 5 to 15 years;
    • Long – more than 15 years

    The VMP Holding develops coatings with long and average working life.

  5. Anticorrosive coating application:

The VMP product line includes the materials for application in different climate conditions. The VMP coatings can be applied in metal structure manufacturing plant and at installation site.

You can address the industry regulations, companies’ specifications and State standards to choose coating system. See list of documents in  Certification.

If cost is one of the main criteria for you, the VMP can offer the coatings with an average operating life based on the “mean”-priced materials. It is to consider that one-time saving in initial costs of protective coating causes high costs of coating repair.

For 15 years of operation, durable coating application-and-operation costs are one third or half less than total application-and-operation costs of the coating based on traditional materials.

Necessary recurrent coating repair causes increase in coating operation cost. Besides, it is to consider the increase in cost of annual inflation rate, remote oil and gas objects, and also the significant increase in economic viability of durable coating system application.



All VMP materials are for professional use only. 

The VMP specialists offer an engineering support. Call  + 7 343 357-30-97, 8-800-500-54-00 for individual service to choose the best coating and validate your technical decision.