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New release! Primer-enamel EVOPOL-12 - DTM-material for oil and gas industry


Primer-enamel EVOPOL-12 - DTM-material for oil and gas industryIn October, 2020, VMP Holding developed and produced a new primer-enamel EVOPOL-12 based on modified acrylate. The material is intended for all-season use at the oil and gas facilities and fits into the current trends aimed at painting simplification and reduction of coating layers.
The primer-enamel EVOPOL-12 belongs to the one-layer direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings. It combines the protective properties of primer and high decorative qualities of enamel, being UV resistant. The main advantage of EVOPOL-12 is application at the temperatures up to -25°С.
During the construction season, it is rather difficult to provide reliable corrosion protection using the standard materials if the works are performed in a short-term summer period in the cold climate areas. EVOPOL-12 allows to perform application works in severe weather conditions, without regard to the ambient temperature.
At present, this new product is undergoing the final stage of testing in the specialized independent centers. The similar tests in the VMP laboratory and trial paintings were successful. The tests in accordance with ISO 12944-6 for atmospheric corrosiveness categories C3 and C4 have confirmed that the two-layer coating has a useful lifetime of over 15 years.

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