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The VMP materials protect Purovski Brdge

The VMP materials protect Purovski Brdge

A new bridge across the Pur river (in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) was officially opened on October 16, 2020. Mr. Dmitri Artyukhov, the governor of the Yamal, Mrs. Elena Zlenko, the member of the Council of the Federation, Mr. Igor Kostyuchenko, the deputy director of the Federal Road Agency, Mr. Nikolai Russu, the Executive Director of the Stock Company Mostostroy-11, Mr. Iuriy Molchanov, the Senior Vice-President of the VTB Bank, Mr. Oleg Pankratov, the Executive Director of VTB Infrastructure Holding, Mr. Mikhail Vakhrushev, the President of the VMP Development and Production Holding, and other representatives of the companies involved in the bridge construction attended the ceremony.

Before the construction, the two banks of the Pur river were connected by pontoon bridge, which was unable to use out of season. The new bridge will stimulate social and economic development of Urengoy, Tazovsky and Krasnoselkupsky Districts, and maintain the all-season connection with the main regional roads.

“The construction of the bridge across the Pur river is finished, we’ve waited this event for a long time. The project started 40 years ago, but the new bridge was built in 2 years after the final decision was made. The bridge constructions will be protected for many years – up to 30 years, thanks to the VMP durable materials”, Mr. Vakhrushev, the President of the VMP Development and Production Holding, said.

The bridge was built by Mostostroy-11. This company is one of the leaders of Russian construction sector known for highly efficient production and quality; it has realized a great number of large projects. The new bridge (in Karachaevo village) is 2,72 km with approaches and 1023 m without approaches, it has 11 pylons, the spans length is 105 m. More than 5800 tons of metal structures have been used at the object.

The Purovski Bridge is protected against corrosion by the VMP materials. The VMP Engineering Company – the service division of the VMP Holding that carries out painted works of any complexity in various climatic and geographic conditions – has carried out these anticorrosive works.

Protective coating systems of Purovski Bridge:

Outer metal surfaces:


Inner metal surfaces:


Concrete pylons:


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